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About Roxanne Mendoza Designs

A little about me....long story short I never gave up on a dream of mine to be a published jewelry designer. That dream became a reality when I was published in both Jewelry Stringing and Bead Trends simultaneously in the Winter of 2011. I love creating and inspiring others to do the same!

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art background

My journey to this point started in 1999. With two little kids at home I decided to create a birthday card for a family member instead of going to the grocery store with the kids. With a background in Art I figured it would be an easy task. The card turned out beautiful and after all the compliments I started creating note cards and custom made invitations. Roxi Designs was born!

health & fitness

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retail evolution

Somewhere along the way creating note cards evolved into creating jewelry. My cards and first bracelet designs were sold in 3 shops across the country. I took a break for many years until 'the kids' were teens. Until one day, in 2010, when I decided I was going to start creating earrings!

A vision & a dream

After purchasing beading supplies, I sat down every Sunday Night and starting creating my 'Sunday Night Earrings' and posting them online. After they all sold I kept creating earrings and gathered my best pieces and submitted them to a couple magazines. To my surprise both magazines accepted my submissions! I'm so glad I never gave up and took a chance on a dream!   -Roxi